A Very Important Message from District Governor, Jim Hahn - 
Help is needed from every member of every one of the 83 clubs in our new District 7305.  This year, our first as the new combined district, we have a very special District Project for a very special cause. 
My wife, Marlene, and I have recently introduced the “Rotary District 7305 C.A.R.E.S.” project.  That translates to “Child Awareness & Response Emergency Service”.  
This is a project that will help protect vulnerable children, should their parents or guardians be rendered incapacitated, by prearranging, with permission, for other loved ones or close friends to care for those children in such an instance.  
Informational flyers and handout kits either have been or will be given to every club for distribution to every member, based on the most recent membership roster numbers.  
Each club will receive 2 flyers per member (feel free to print more copies if they are needed), 4 envelopes per member with the explanation and instructions printed on them, 4 large Informational yellow stickers per member and 16 small attention-getting yellow stickers per member. 
You and your members are asked to please put these kits together and then, more importantly, give the flyers to local First Responders, Police Departments, Fire Departments, EMS Organizations, etc., while at the same time giving kits to families with small children, Child Care Centers, Pediatricians, Hospitals, Elementary Schools, Churches and the like.  
This project can help protect a huge number of our most important asset, our children, but to make it work and be successful, every member’s help is needed.  
Please make this a club project, as well, and work together to get all of the information out to the relevant members of your community. A small amount of individual effort can have a tremendous impact and can literally save and protect, we repeat, our most valuable asset, our children.  Thank you in advance for your help, concern and dedication.  
Yours in Rotary Service as we “Connect the World”,
DG Jim