Rotary District 7305 Leadership Team


 Rotary District 7305 Leadership Team


District Governor

District Governor 2023-2024:  John Hartman


District Leadership Team

Vice Governor:   Al DeLucia 

District Governor Elect: Dan Dougherty

District Governor Nominee:  Felicia Mycyk

District Governor Nominee Designate: Michelle Petrell

Immediate Past District Governor: Marie Fallon



Special Advisors to the District Governor

PDG: Mary Berge

PDG: Dennis Crawford

PDG: Pam Moore

PDG: Bob Rupp

PDG: Rick Martin

PDG: George Wood

PDG: Sue Kelly


District Officers

District Treasurer: Bill Blaney

District Executive Secretary: Sandra Rebholz

District Parliamentarian: Stu Benson

Youth Protection Officer:  Robin Zoufalik

Assistant Governor   Lane Neff

Assistant Governor   Dan Kravetz


Assistant Governor   Genevieve Oduor

Assistant Governor   Miguel A. Saviroff

Assistant Governor   Janet Smithbower

Assistant Governor   Michelle Petrell

Assistant Governor   Mike  Wargo

 Assistant Governor  Debbie DiLorenzo

Assistant Governor   Tracey Dorsch

Assistant Governor   Maria Fetock

Assistant Governor   Pam Moore

Assistant Governor   Gary Ford

 Assistant Governor   Brad Montgomery

Assistant Governor   Sally Morrison

Assistant Governor   Bill Neely

Assistant Governor   Joe Orbovich

Assistant Governor   Diane Parker Moore

Assistant Governor   Jordan Pavelka

Assistant Governor   Mathew Beck

Assistant Governor   Donna Vesely


District Support Team

District Historian: Sanda Rebholz

District Insurance Chair: Al DeLucia 

International Convention Promotion: Rick Martin

Nominating Committee Chair - DG 2026-2027: Al DeLucia 

District Sergeant-at-arms: Dennis Piper

District Awards: Sue Kelly

Speaker Programs Chairman: Richard Meyer

Council on Legislation Representative:  Al DeLucia 

Crisis Management: Glen Schillo


District Programing Team

District Conference Golf Outing: Dan Kravetz

District Governors Golf Outing Chairman: Dan Kravetz

District Chorus Chair: Walt Sickles

District Chorus Choir Director: Melissa Fuson


Membership Strengthening Team

Membership Committee Chair: Michelle Petrell

Zone ICA Chair: Al DeLucia 


Leadership Development Team

AG Team Chair: Vicki Buzzelli

RLI Rotary Leadership Institute Co-Chair: Mark Barnhart



Youth Leadership Team

World Affairs Institute:  Robin Zoufalik

Interact Chairman: Mark Barnhart

RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards: Rick Martin 

Youth Exchange Chair: Wayne Skelley

Youth Exchange/Inbound Co-Chair: Marie Fallon

Youth Exchange/Inbound Co-Chair: Stephen Simpson-Hunt

Youth Exchange/Outbound Co-Chair: Sharon Landau

Youth Exchange/Outbound Co-Chair: Robert Polczynski

Alumni Engagement Chairman: Tom Fallon


Information Communication and Technology Team

District Newsletter and Bulletin Editor: Ivar Berge

Technology, Communication, & Website: Dennis Piper

Technology, Communication, & Website:  Dan Dougherty

Technology, Communication, & Website: Sandra Rebholz

Technology, Communication, & Website: Tom Drewitz

 Public Image & Social Media Chair: Joe Orbovich 


District Finance Committee

Committee Chair/Treasurer: Bill Blaney


Area 1:  Sue Kelly

Area 2:  Herm Dieckmann

Area 3: Tom Fallon

Area 4: John Mock

Area 5: David Finui

Area 6: Al DeLucia 

Area 7: Mark Barnhart

Area 8: George Wood


Rotary District 7305 Committee for The Rotary Foundation

Chairman:  Al DeLucia 

Public Relations Chair: Rick Martin

Annual Giving: Rick Martin

District Grant Coordinator: Jeff Klink

Endowments: Bob Rupp

Stewardship: Sue Kelly

Global Grants Co-Chair: Rick Martin

Global Grants Co-Chair: George Wood

Global Grant Scholarships Co-Chair: Steve Arnowitz

Global Grant Scholarships Co-Chair: Colleen Arnowitz

Paul Elder Chapter of Paul Harris Society: Dennis Crawford

Polio Plus: Brian Mentzer

Rotary Peace Fellows: Tom Fallon

International Outreach Chair: Antonio Zuloaga



The Rotary District 7300 Foundation

The Rotary District 7300 Foundation Chair: Stu Benson

The Rotary District 7300 Foundation Vice-Chair: Sue Kelly

The Rotary District 7300 Foundation Secretary: Monica Stanton

The Rotary District 7300 Foundation Treasurer: Virginia Finnigan

Bob Williams Memorial Scholarship Chair: Robert Arbuckle